Free webinar: motivating climate action

What is it ?

To mitigate climate change, it is important that people accept low carbon technology and systems, and consistently engage in climate action. Common approaches to encourage climate action typically target extrinsic motivation, by offering incentives that change personal costs and benefits of mitigation behaviour.
However, such approaches are not always as effective as assumed.

Linda Steg will discuss factors and strategies that can foster and secure intrinsic motivation to engage in climate actions. Intrinsically motivated people behave without being coerced or incentivised, even when climate actions are somewhat costly, as doing so is meaningful and makes them feel good.

Linda is professor of environmental psychology at the University of Groningen. She studies factors influencing sustainable behaviour, the effects and acceptability of strategies aimed at promoting sustainable behaviour, and public perceptions of technology and system changes.

Who is it for?

This seminar series is aimed at public authorities, non-profit organisations, journalists, communicators and businesses looking to promote understanding, engagement and inclusive action on the climate among their own target groups.



nov 19 2020


16:30 - 18:00


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