How to define ‘green’ for financing the transition to a low carbon economy

In the context of its work on the financing of transition, the Federal Council for Sustainable Development organizes on 5 October a seminar on the definition of “green”. What activities can – or cannot – be financed by a so-called “green” financial product ? How will the future European taxonomy be implemented and how will it impact the financing of transition in our country ? What is the role of low-carbon and positive carbon impact benchmarks ( ?

The seminar will be particularly interesting for specialists of sustainable finance. Presentations by the European Commission, by members of the Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance and by specialized consultants are on the programme. Various actors concerned by the Commission’s regulation proposals of 24 May 2018 in Belgium will then take the floor.

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okt 05 2018


09:00 - 17:00

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Tweekerkenstraat 47
1000 Brussel
02/ 325 35 00

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